Volunteer Abroad for Free or On the Cheap


Volunteering overseas can be a great opportunity. It can travel the world, learn a new language, find adventure, meet new people. You may be drawn to voluntary service by a desire to help impoverished people. You may be interested in learning about another culture and society. You may wish to be part of a process of positive social change. Or you may wish to gain experience which will help you find employment.

List of International Volunteer Organizations (Volunteer Abroad for Free or On the Cheap)

Australian Volunteers International
BAPS Charities
A Better World
Building a Future
Canada Corps
Concordia (Youth Service Volunteers) Ltd
Crisis mapping
Cross-Cultural Solutions
Digital Humanitarian Network
European Voluntary Service
FK Norway
Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity Ireland
Hermitage Volunteer Service
Hope Development Volunteers
Humanity World International
International Voluntary Services
Liter of Light
Médecins Sans Frontières
Metro United Way
National League for Women's Service
One Heart Source
Operation Crossroads Africa
Peace Corps
International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
Service Civil International
Service Nation
Society of Saint Vincent de Paul
Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity
United Nations Volunteers
United Way Worldwide
VIA (Volunteers in Asia)
Voluntary Service Overseas
Volunteer Service Abroad
Women's Radio Corps
World Friends Korea
Worldwide Helpers
Youth Unlimited

Volunteering is almost never completely free. Even if your room and board is paid for, many programs will still have you pay for your airfare. And if you’re unfamiliar with a country’s culture, or have never been abroad before, you might want to pay a little extra; you might need the extra support that other, cheaper programs might not have. But with a little creativity, passion, and drive, you can make your volunteering abroad experience much more affordable.

Be sure to thoroughly research any options before undertaking a project. And remember, while it’s nice to get something for free, just because a project is requesting money doesn’t mean the fees aren’t going to a good cause.

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