Here are the Suggestions to Help You Help Your Children Self Confident

- Limit the time kids watch television, computer and video games, " TV takes up valuable time", said the expert. "It's not necessarily bad, but it takes up the time that could be used to listen , to read and talk with your child."

- Talk with the kids and take them places. Even trips to the grocery store can be enriching if you talk to them about what you see.

- Read aloud to your child. Studies show that reading aloud is the single most important thing you can do to ensure the educational success of children.

- Make sure children understand what is read. Ask questions. If they don't comprehend, explain it.

- Talk to school officials. They can tell you what kinds of programs and resourcess are available.

- Encourage reading just for fun.

- Set aside a specific time for homework. MAKE IT CLEAR THAT THE TV IS TO BE TURNED OFF during study time, and make yourself available to help with problems the kids need help in solving.